Liz’s Mementos & Donations

A wonderful gift for your VIP visitors, Airman Leadership School graduates, a Dining In or any number of other occasions! 

The Proud Warrior Fund is offering two commemorations in remembrance of A1C Elizabeth N. Jacobson and as a means to raise funds for the Proud Warrior program; the original Jacobson Challenge Coin and the new Jacobson “Warrior Chip.”

Elizabeth became the first Security Forces woman Killed in Action when her convoy was struck by an IED on September 28, 2005 near Safwan, Iraq. Elizabeth’s Grandmother, Sondra Millman, designed the unique challenge coin as a fitting tribute of Elizabeth’s sacrifice. The same design was recently used to create an equally striking ceramic “warrior chip” offering a full color poker chip-like coin as a value option.

We are offering the stunning 1.75” 3-D, 3-color (enamel) Challenge Coin for a $15.00 donation to the Proud Warrior Fund.

Jacobson Challenge Coin

The full color, 2” ceramic, heavyweight Warrior Chip is just a $10 donation to the Proud Warrior Fund.

Jacobson Warrior Chip

Since 2003, the Proud Warrior program has operated the Proud Warrior Fund to provide visitation, mementos and financial support to combat wounded Security Forces members. The Washington D.C. “Eagle Chapter,” has assisted eighteen enlisted and officer Proud Warriors. Eagle Chapter also, for those Security Forces members who have made the ultimate sacrifice, attends Arlington National Cemetery services (or other cemeteries local to Washington D.C.), delivers donations, provides commemorative mementos and directly supports family members.

Why a Coin? Simple, “Challenge Coins” are recognized worldwide as a symbol of duty and honor. Since World War I when medallions were first struck for flying units, through to today when challenge coins are given when a member joins an organization, awarded to improve morale or created to commerate special occasions, the coin symbolizes a bond between the holder and the military unit or cause. Every USAF Airman, upon graduation from Basic Military Training, is awarded an Airman’s Challenge Coin.

Why a Warrior Chip? With the price of Challenge Coins rising due to production and shipping costs, we wanted to offer a quality coin-like memento as a value option. We contracted with “Warrior Chips” to produce a Jacobson Chip honoring Elizabeth. The first run of chips was specially minted in ceramic and a full 2″ size that is absolutely striking! The Jacobson Chip takes advantage of not only a full-color design that displays well, but the increased chip size adds weight and feel to the memento. The edge of the chip also carries “In Memory of a Fallen Hero * Elizabeth Nicole Jacobson.” The resulting Jacobson Chip is a perfect remembrance that would be a wonderful gift or addition to an existing Challenge Coin collection! The first run of these warrior chips (100) were specially minted in a full 2″ size and will not be recreated once sold out; we will revert to a 1.75″ chip once the initial 100 have been sold.

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